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As you plan a royal wedding in India and tie the knot in the most regal way. With many palaces and palatial mansions, Udaipur is a perfect venue for a royal wedding. We at The Crew recreate the magic of royal era gone by to make your royal wedding a memorable event.

Udaipur, the Venice of east is a romantic destination exemplified. The most romantic city of Rajasthan is an ideal venue for the palace weddings in Udaipur. The city better known for its grand Palaces, green gardens and sparkling lakes gives an elegant touch to the special moments of marriage. It is the city where traditional welcome awaits you with all sorts of modernity.


Udaipur is a beautiful city built around three azure lakes called Pichola, Fateh Sagar, and Udai Sagar. It is nestled in the green Aravalli hills. The endowments of Mother Nature have resulted in picturesque sceneries around the city. It is rich in heritage, with its many palaces and other historical monuments. Getting to host a palace wedding in Udaipur is a lifetime opportunity. Udaipur has many palaces to choose from that help in making the celebration of marriage, a great affair.

Ideal Locations

Udaipur is known as the city of lakes. One can even get married at the palaces that are situated right beside the beautiful lakes. The city gives you the opportunity to blend the beauty of the palace, lakes and the hills in the background to create a truly memorable setting.

The city has many fascinating places to choose from for a palace wedding in Udaipur. Venues like the Jagmandir, Taj Lake Palace, JagatNiwas Palace, OberoiUdaivilas, Shiv Niwas Palace, and the Fateh Prakash Palace, Inder Residency, Nehru Garden, Ramada, Sheratonare all time favorites. Arranged in absolute glitz and glory, the luxurious heritage hotels of Udaipur offer a number of banquet venues for holding various wedding functions. A palace wedding in Udaipur can be hosted in either the palace or even the refurbished heritage hotels.

Special Features

The mystic lakes, the astonishing palaces, and true Indian hospitality make the complete event a memorable one. The city gives you the opportunity to blend the beauty of the palace, lakes, and the hills in the background to create a truly memorable setting. A palace wedding in Udaipur would just be the right option for the adventurous hearts who like to explore and do things differently. The Crew offers online information and details about Wedding in Udaipur.

Weddings Preparation

We offer excellent wedding services to clients. Whether you are looking for a royal traditional wedding or theme wedding, we make arrangement for your wedding. Choosing the wedding venue, budget, making invitation card, flower decoration and wedding music, we offer expert services for planning the perfect wedding.

Choosing the Caterer

Indian Weddings are known for food, feast and fun. To throw a grand feast, the couples and their families have to decide a fantastic menu including mouthwatering cuisines. Previously the family of the bride was entrusted with the task of arranging for the menu and other things related with dinning but in recent times the caterers has emerged as a facilitators arranging food for weddings . So think deliberately before choosing the caterer.

Flower Decoration

A wedding ceremony without flower decoration is incomplete. Wedding flower decorations can be of different types. One can go in for a beautiful centerpiece or a large arch, keeping in mind the need of the wedding place. One can use one's own creativity and make a unique flower decoration for the wedding ceremony. The fact that has to be taken care of is that the flower decoration should be complimenting the rest of the wedding decorations.

Shopping Guide

Shopping guide is must as shopping without it would become difficult. One needs to buy a lot of essential things for a wedding. If you don't have a shopping guide, there are chances certain things could be missed. Shopping for wedding should be done carefully. It is advised to shop in advance to avoid the hurry as you get close to the wedding day. One can follow a shopping guide as it would be helpful for wedding shopping.

Wedding Budget

Every couple getting married would want an extravagant and grand occasion on the day. However what happens after marriage is as important as the day itself. That is when the wedding budget comes into play. Many people spend lavishly for the occasion and later regret the unnecessary expenditure. It is very important to create a wedding budget which will help you control the expenditure during this period.

The Crewis here to guide you with the details about your wedding budget. Based on the size of the wedding budget the ceremony can be made as grand as possible. The largest expenditure when it comes to the special day is the hall, or the place where the ceremony is to take place. If the occasion is to take place in a city, the hall can be a problem. Not only will they come in very expensive packages but it would not be as perfect as you imagines. For this reason a marriage located conveniently outside the city is the best choice. This will allow you to reduce the expenditure on the hall bookings and improve other areas such as food and decoration.

Marriages in India can be of very different types and so the wedding budget can range from small to large. A normal wedding with capacity of fewer than five hundred people can be arranged in under two lakh rupees, whereas a grand wedding can up to crores of rupees.

The wedding budget will allow you to systemize the spending and work accordingly. It is remarkable to note how efficiently a marriage can be arranged if it has a strict wedding budget and an effective mechanism to bring it into effect.

Wedding Invitation Card

The Wedding invitation card reflects the emotions and the style of wedding that would take place. An invitation card could change the mood of the guests for attending the wedding. If the card is not attractive enough it surely won't draw the guests to the wedding. So it is necessary to get a good wedding invitation card. The wedding invitation cards could be of various types to suit the wedding to its best.

Wedding Music

A wedding ceremony in India is incomplete without music and songs. An Indian wedding comprises of a variety of rituals and there is a separate piece of music or song for every occasion. Energy, enthusiasm and fun are all blended together in the celebration with the wedding music. In the olden days the relatives and friends of the hosts used to create music and sing various songs. In today's modern wedding professional wedding music performers are hired. But the magic of wedding music still remains the same for the olden and new days.

Wedding Venue

Organizing a wedding does not end with finding a perfect groom and a beautiful wedding dress. One also needs to decide a perfect venue for wedding. It is necessary to find a good venue for wedding ceremony. Wedding day is a special day and so is a memorable day in one's life. One selects a wedding venue that suits the wedding to its best.

Wedding Themes

Everybody wants his or her wedding to be a perfect and outstanding event from others' weddings. The pre-wedding, the main day and the post wedding celebrations are therefore thoughtfully planned. Various wedding planners opt for various wedding themes. These wedding themes are mostly the fantasy based, romantic, royal or fairytale themes. Now- a-days people are trying out distinctive themes for their marriages. These wedding themes have a wide variety ranging from the traditional to ultra-modern.

The Crew is very glad to throw some light on the details about Wedding Themes.

As mentioned earlier, the wedding themes range from the typical traditional forms to the latest trends in the Indian society. Basically the wedding themes are planned according to the venue and budget. Themes like royal, fantasy or romantic need a higher budget. Since these themes require a lot of detailed decoration, so that the guests will recognize the theme, the budget has to be higher. The venue of the wedding also plays the major part in the wedding themes. Decoration in a wedding hall is easier than decoration in an open ground. For the open ground the decoration mainly consists of numerous columns and pillars with elaborated lighting and décor. Hence wedding themes in such open venues turn out to be very expensive.

The wedding themes start from the home. Some pre-wedding ceremonies take place at the home of bride and groom. Hence the wedding theme is reflected in the home décor also. The rituals like Mehendi, Tilak, Sangeet and Puja are very important in any Indian wedding. Hence the theme is planed so that these rituals are also enhanced.

In any Indian wedding theme, the accessories are chosen very precisely. Indians like bright colors like red, orange, golden, maroon and violet. Hence the wedding themes also consist of these colors. One can see the beautiful drapes in these colors accompanied with some sober and light colors like light blue, green, yellow and pink. The drapes with such colors always look awesome. The flowers have always made a fine entry in any kind of wedding theme. Varieties like marigold, carnations, gerberas, orchids and roses make the theme look more enchanting with their sweet presence. Various other accessories like carved statues, fountains and lights elaborate the wedding theme in a proper manner.

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